What is an airport ASIC and why is it important?

What is an airport ASIC and why is it integral to aviation practitioners? Where can you get a Melbourne airport ASIC?

In this short post, we will break down the importance of an Aviation Security Identification Card or ASIC.

What is an airport ASIC?

It’s an identification card valid for two years. If you have an ASIC, the airport can easily identify and check your background easily.

People in Melbourne who have recently been subjected to a background check need to certify that they have been indeed checked. To provide government-approved proof, they need to apply for an airport ASIC.

Furthermore, they need an airport ASIC in Melbourne so they can get unescorted access to the airport’s secured or public areas, such as the airside.

In addition, people who will escort tourists with a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) will also need an ASIC.

Why is an airport ASIC important?

A security-controlled airport’s staff members—or anyone who needs to enter operational facilities—must apply for an ASIC.

For instance, an ASIC will certify that an employee has undergone thorough background checks. They have to show a legitimated ASIC before they can get into any highly secured facility on the airport’s premises.

The main objective of applying for an airport ASIC Melbourneproviders offer is for protection. An ASIC will protect the airport, its employees, and its passengers from any risky activities such as terrorism.

With the help of an ASIC, a dangerous criminal or wanted terrorist can never get into planes or VIP areas in any Australian airport. An ASIC will also prevent the tampering or the theft of important equipment and tools in an airport.

Other countries that have similar systems to ASIC are Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

Types of ASICs you can get in Melbourne

1. Red – Necessary for getting access to airside security zones

2. Grey – For getting access to landside security zones

3. White – For an Accredited Air Cargo Agent (AACA), an airport Visitor Identification Card (VIC) issuer, a regulated air cargo agent (RACA), or an ASIC issuing body staff member.

How does a provider process the Melbourne airport ASIC?

A provider, certified by the government, will screen you, the applicant. You must undergo a series of thorough assessments.

First is a background check of criminal records. Next, you will undergo Australian Security Intelligence Organisation or ASIO’s national security assessment. You might also go through an immigration exam.

After the necessary background checks, the provider will submit your application to AusCheck. They will pay the necessary costs of processing.

Concern for a data breach of ASICs

Last year, an NSW-based company that issues ASICs has been hacked.

The Aviation ID Australia received a series of emails that indicated their website was tampered by an unauthorised entity. Their applicants’ personal information was apparently stolen.

Now, this is highly alarming. ASICs are crucial lines of defence against any terrorist or criminal activities.

Based on the same report, the Federal Police have already investigated the data breach.

For that reason, before getting aMelbourne airport ASIC, you must also check if your ASIC provider is certified by the Australian government.

Make sure they are highly reputable. Whether you’re a pilot, a visitor, or an airport staff member, entrusting your personal info to get an ASIC is no child’s play. Therefore, only entrust your application to a trustworthy company. More details at https://securityid.com.au/articles/asic-card-application-renewal-online-melbourne-airport