Building for the Future: A New John Deere Dealer


John Deere is pleased to announce the appointment of Farol Limited, to sell and support their range of agricultural equipment in parts of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Berkshire and Leicestershire, from branches at Milton Common, Daventry, Newbury and Hinckley.

Commenting upon the announcement, Alec McKee, managing director of John Deere’s operations in the UK and Ireland, said, “John Deere’s presence in the UK market has grown in the last decade. The market though is changing and consolidating, so our move has been taken to ensure that owners and operators of John Deere agricultural equipment will continue to receive a world-class level of support, not just over the next few years, but over the next generation of farmers.”

Matthew Vellacott, managing director of Farol Limited, said, “As a family business, we have invested in the future with well trained staff, modern premises, high parts availability and, more importantly, the willingness to expand and adapt, while retaining traditional values of good service and a fair deal.

“Selling and supporting the John Deere range provides the relatively young team at Farol with the opportunity to fully capitalise on our abilities and experience, with the world’s leading agricultural equipment manufacturer.

“We believe this is best for our business, best for our staff and a long term solution for our customers in the area, both old and new.”

The Benefits of Using Commercial Fridge and Freezer for a Food Business


Need to find a kind of refrigerator that can be used best for businesses that involve food? A commercial fridge and freezer are designed to store and contain food items that are aimed to draw the attention of customers. These are the kinds of appliances you see being used in groceries to store and display items such as drinks, frozen meat and more. With its stainless steel material, large capacity and glass front door this kind of fridge is a great convenience that you can use for your food business. If you are looking for a commercial refrigerator for sale, you can find different kinds at Cold Display Solutions for refrigeration hire and sales in Australia. Here is a list of benefits you can get from owning a commercial fridge and freezer for your food business.

commercial fridge and freezer

1. It is a great marketing strategy

You are a food establishment and you want to find a way to attract customers. With a commercial display fridge, you can display your food items in such a way its appearance will look tasty, making the customers want to eat. If you just jam all the food inside without properly arranging it.your customers may not think it looks as appetizing. Using a commercial display fridge also gives your customers an idea of what kind of ingredients go into their food. A commercial fridge comes with different shelves so it will be made easier to display as much food items as you want.

2. Self-serving for your customers

As a customer, it can get tiring to wait for your food when you start starving. At your food business, you can use a commercial fridge and freezer to have customers browse through the items and pick what they want. You can avoid the trouble of having to open the fridge and serve the food to your customers. For example with commercial drinks fridge can be used for this. What better way than to quench your thirst after a delicious meal than with a nice iced cold drink. Just like food items, iced cold drinks such as juices, sodas and milk can easily be displayed in a commercial freezer. If your customers need a drink, they can just stand up, get one from the freezer and problem solved.

3. It comes with more technological features

Compared to a regular fridge, a commercial fridge and freezer are more technologically advanced. Its features include an automatic digital temperature control, compressors, safety features and much more. With these advanced technological features your food and drinks are stored safely and you won’t have to worry about your food items spoiling inside.

There are different kinds of commercial fridge and freezers in the market, such as counters, countertop storage, glass display. It is up to you to know what kind of commercial fridge fits your needs and wants. For commercial fridge freezer and more, visit https://coldsolutions.com.au/commercial-fridges-freezers/ and get a sneak peek of all the kinds of commercial fridge and freezers they have for sale. commercial fridge and freezer