Feel the luxury in your bedroom with the best luxury blankets


You can possibly bring the feel of a luxury hotel room in your home. You just have to look for the best luxury blankets, like the Bemboka blankets, and have them in your own bedroom.

This could let you feel the warmth, comfort and smoothness of luxury hotel blankets, without going out of your home.

What to remember in buying luxury blankets for your bedroom?

If you want to feel like in a hotel room while resting on your own bed, having a luxury blanket can help you. You just have to know how to choose the right blanket for your home, so your family could enjoy its warmth and comfort.

Look for the right size

Of course, you should buy blankets that would suit your bed size, while giving you extra inches to tuck it under your mattress. Most manufacturers have four different blanket sizes, which are the twin (90” x 65”), full/queen (90” x 85”, queen (90” x 90”), and king “90” x 110”).

However, you can also look for manufacturers that could modify a size for you.

If you’re in Australia, for example, some providers of Bemboka blankets Australia have could offer made to order services. This means they can consider your preference upon order, and they’ll make the blanket for you.

Choose a fabric

The comfort and warmth of your blanket depend on the type of fabric used. There are a plethora of fabrics for you to choose from in Australia, like cotton, wool, cashmere, synthetic and fleece among others.

You just have to know their properties and choose one that suits you best.

For example, Bemboka blankets in Australia are soft and lightweight and will give you no worries on machine wash. Moreover, it could provide excellent warmth for you as well.

Choose a weave as well

Together with the fabric, the warmth of a blanket is also affected by the type of its weave. For example, thermal weave could let the air circulate through the blanket. It is usually lightweight, making it excellent for summer, while conventional weave is great for protecting the body from cold winter.

Look for the best design

Look for a style or design that you’ll like. You can consider matching your blanket with your sheets or matching it with the theme of your room.

Don’t forget to ask your family members as well, especially if you’re looking for the best blankets for them.

The Bemboka blankets, for instance, have varying colours like mocha, chocolate and charcoal. These are neutral colours that could fit various colour themes, with a luxury style that many people would love.

Prepare for the price

Finally, luxury blankets, like the Bemboka blankets, are quite expensive, thus it’s important to prepare your cash for it. However, unlike cheap choices, you can be sure of experiencing luxury comfort and warmth on such rates.

You just have to carefully choose which blanket to buy, so you can have a luxurious one in your home. That could surely let you have the feel of a hotel room, right on your own bed.

Moreover, don’t miss to buy it from a reliable source, for you to have quality luxury blankets. If you want to buy Bemboka blankets, for instance, you can click on for the best deals.

Good Housekeeping for Clothes: Tips for the Maintenance of your Expensive Blankets


It is often the soft and quality beddings such as blankets of unique designs that give a hotel room a home like comfy feel. When the winter starts showing its signs of arrival, it’s the blankets that turn out to be the ultimate source of warmth and comfort in a bed. And therefore, more and more people opt for buying luxurious blankets like bemboka blankets online. However, only buying quality blankets is not enough if you don’t take proper care of them. Well, here are the four most important blanket care tips that you may find helpful to keep the softness and cozy look of your newly bought blankets unaltered.

Storing Them Safely

The ideal way of storing your blankets, such as the AU bemboka blankets online stores have today is by folding them up and popping them into breathable containers, like cotton bags. Plus, make sure the place where you keep your blankets is dry and free from insects or out of reach of the pets. Instead of storing a used blanket, try to wash and dry it thoroughly before storing it for a long time, to keep it in the best condition.

Caring for The Blankets

Even the blankets that you’ve bought such as bemboka blankets online stores sell are in use, still, there is some care that it requires. It’s important that you give your blanket a proper shake from time to time so that the daily debris and dust won’t end up sitting forever on your blankets. Especially, if you use your blankets in heavy traffic areas such as in the living room, shaking off the dust now and again or avoiding the stains to lie there will be a good idea for keeping the blankets look clean.

Safely Washing the Blankets

Whether you’ve bought bemboka blankets online in Australia or from any retail store, one mistake in washing them and they might end up damaged badly. Therefore, whenever you wash your blankets in the machine, make sure to use hand wash or delicate wash setting, mild detergents and cold water as too much friction, heat or acidic material can cause the blankets to shrink or lose their softness. There are some blankets that are not machine-wash-friendly. Therefore, carefully read the washing instructions first before washing any blanket.

Drying the Blankets Properly

No matter whether you buy a super expensive blanket or a less pricey one such as cheap bemboka blankets online stores sell, when it comes to drying the blankets after a wash, it should be done with care too. If you give it a spin in your machine, make sure the spin is a fast and short one as a hard spin can damage the softness. And before hanging your blankets for drying, give a good shake before so that the fabric and the material used in the blankets gets straightened out and your blankets get their normal look back.sto


Blankets play a crucial role in keeping you warm during the cold weather. Therefore, only buying quality blankets like bemboka blankets online won’t do you any good. If you don’t know how to care for them or keep them in the best condition you may end up buying new blankets every year. If you’re thinking about exploring various types of blankets, then there are websites like that you will find helpful in your search.