All you need to know about SEO outsourcing to the Philippines

There are several reasons why many companies prefer SEO outsourcing to the Philippines. The fact that it has become a hub of digital marketing solutions is just one side of the story.


seo outsourcing to the philippines



The number of services available in the country has also increased with the rapid growth of internet marketing and the increased number of digital savvy, trendy, and young internet population.

Top 3 advantages of SEO outsourcing to the Philippines

Good communication skills

Most Filipinos are well-versed in English and can easily read, write, and converse using the language. It has been taught in school and can be considered one of the official languages in the country.

This makes it easy for foreign-based individuals and companies to communicate with local SEO providers.

This also means they can write and deliver content that can rival the quality of work that a native English writer can provide, but at a lower cost.

Quality SEO services in the Philippines

Due to the number of highly-qualified SEO providers, clients from overseas can expect high-quality work at competitive rates.

Anyone who is after great value for money can find cost-efficient partners in the Philippines.

Low pricing structure

It has been mentioned several times that SEO outsourcing to the Philippines is affordable. This is thanks to the low pricing structure that local SEO experts offer.

Who will say no to savings of up to 50% and a promise of good results? With this level of pricing, a company can stretch their SEO budget and enjoy better value for their money.

You have to admit that these reasons make outsourcing SEO to the Philippines financially sensible. But, you also need to choose an agency wisely to ensure success.

How to find the right SEO agency in the Philippines to partner with

Check and verify their expertise

Is your business a part of a unique industry or a specific niche?

It is important to choose an agency that has expertise in your specific niche. They should have experience in handling similar accounts.

  • Can they market your specific niche and needs?
  • What is your success rate in niche marketing?
  • Can they fine-tune product features?
  • What can they do to establish and/or increase customer engagement?

Because you need to hone in on a small group of target customers, the SEO agency you work with should have the skills and knowledge in dealing with your target market.

Check out the company’s SEO performance

What better way to gauge the capability of a digital marketing agency than to look into their own websites performance? It’s the best way to determine if they are effective in what they do.

Ask the right questions.

  • What keywords are they focused on, and how do they rank with them?
  • Have they been featured in any authoritative blogs and sites?
  • Have they received any third-party recognition?

Most importantly, ask them about how they communicate with clients. You should be able to reach them for any queries and concerns you want to discuss.

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